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OCUS™  is the proud partner of a food delivery platform that has risen to become a top market leader around the world. Initially, the organization had created strong brand awareness and a loyal customer base in the US. Once the brand achieved domestic success they set out to expand internationally. Their next stop: Europe.

The Problem

Just months after announcing plans to triple its workforce throughout Europe, the brand faced a significant hurdle: It needed thousands of food images to support not only its new restaurant partners but its existing ones too.

At the time, with 84% of its orders coming via its smartphone app, which has a near-perfect 4.8 rating by more than 1.5 million iPhone users, the food delivery platform needed the highest-quality content to complement the hard work its app was doing. The images were expected to look good and to drive revenue.

The organization did not have the time, resources, or expertise to launch scalable photo operations internally. It would have to outsource the process, entrusting the project with an image operation platform. And it needed a solution in place in just 4 weeks. 

The OCUS Solution

OCUS was well-positioned to handle the task. With a global community of 30,000 professional Image Creators, OCUS already had photographers in 85% of the brand’s markets. OCUS then committed to making up the rest within three weeks, which would include onboarding, training, and launching to meet the client’s needs.

photographer at work

“We were confident we could deliver on their EMEA expansion plans and timeline,” said OCUS CEO and cofounder Thibaud Lemonnier. “OCUS provides end-to-end photography operations with flexible API integration, so we had in place everything they needed to get up and running quickly.”

OCUS enabled the emerging brand to successfully expand into 19 countries in just four weeks, producing custom images at a staggering clip of 50,000 a month. 

OCUS was able to deliver for our client:

  • Best in class global community of Image Creators 
  • Cutting edge technology and platform
  • Dedicated account team with industry expertise 
  • Strong SLAs agreed upon with the client
  • API integration enabling smooth operations and delivery

Today, OCUS continues to partner with the leading brand globally, providing speed, scale, and reach, resulting in:

  • 40% increase in dish orders with OCUS image vs. without image
  • 91% client satisfaction
  • 2x higher booking conversion rate than competitors

OCUS partners with our global clients to efficiently scale their photography operations and enable a streamlined production and delivery process while meeting their expansion goals in new markets.

Contact us today at and let’s discuss how our solution can drive similar results for your business.