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I am a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles, California. I have been shooting assignments for creative agencies and private clients for over 20 years. I truly enjoy the creative process and the new challenges every photography project brings.

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“I try to rely on my own experiences and those of local photographers.”

Any tips for today?

According to my experience, an effective packshot photo brings attention to a product. Just like a dominant image, packshots engage customers and create customer interest. The mistakes we can see sometimes, is if we overuse our technical or artistic abilities and create images that are too distracting.

I really enjoy photographing products I know very little about and discover an entire community of potential consumers. For inspiration, I try to rely on my own experiences and those of local photographers. But Julian Germain’s portrait work always brings a smile to my face.

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I think the most difficult product I had to shoot was pet food canisters for a local client. These round steel canisters create all kinds of challenging reflections. These assignments really help me develop my lighting skills!

I joined OCUS to diversify my workload and to work with major brands in the food industry. OCUS has been a fantastic business partner with top notch support. The current pandemic has certainly affected the photography business in Southern California. Somehow, OCUS continues to come up with opportunities for working photographers to practice our craft in a safe and responsible manner.

Photos credits: ©Sam Ulises / OCUS US

Sam Ulises is a photographer based in Southern California.
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