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Are you a professional photographer living in Canada? If so, you might be looking for photography jobs in Canada. While there are many different types of photography jobs available for Canadian photographers, one of the best photography jobs in Canada is food photography.

You may be wondering why we’re saying that food photography jobs are the best in Canada. Well, there are several reasons why it is one of the best jobs that you can get as a professional photographer. In this article, we will go through some of the reasons why you will want to take food photography jobs in Canada.

We will also go through how much you can make as a professional food photographer, how to become one, as well as details about what a professional food photography job will entail. With this guide, you will be able to start your own food photography business.

Types of photography jobs in Canada

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There are thousands of photography jobs in Canada that will test your skills and challenge your artistic eye. Finding the best match for your skillset and passion will be the key to success as a photographer. Delving into a niche will allow you to work on a reputation that will enable you to charge more for your talents and keep new customers coming for your services. 

There are many different types of photography jobs for professional Canadian photographers. You can go into portrait photography, landscape photography, real estate photography, product photography, or food photography. 

Real Estate Photographer

If you’re looking for a photography job in Canada, one job you might be interested in is real estate photography. Realtors or real estate professionals consistently need someone to help them take high-quality photos of their properties. You will be an integral part of their business, homes are known to sell faster with professional photos.

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Food Photographer

Food photography is the first impression many places get to make on customers. When people research their meal choices before heading out, they look online. Restaurants, niche marketing companies, food trucks, and other food and hospitality companies depend on high-quality food photography to sell their products before the consumer can smell or see the items in person. 

Product Photography

If you aren’t interested in food photography or real estate photography, you might find professional product photography a useful career choice for a Canadian professional photographer. Product photography is increasingly in demand as consumers shift toward buying more products online. To help these customers and the companies trying to sell to them, you can offer your professional photography services.

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Portrait Photography

If you are skilled at making people look good in photographs, you might be interested in becoming a portrait photographer. Portrait photographers often are tasked with taking headshots for business purposes or may focus on family photography. This is often the type of photography job that most people consider when looking for photography jobs in Canada.

Landscape Photographer

You can also become a landscape photographer in Canada. Often the most common places that need landscape photography are stock photo sites. Landscape photography is typically very useful for blogs and news websites. 

There are; however, many other types of photography jobs available in Canada but these are just some of the most profitable options.

Why you should become a food photographer

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With so many different photography jobs available for photographers in Canada, you may be wondering why you should become a food photographer over the other options. While there are many reasons why you should choose food photography as your career choice, we’ve expanded on the top three reasons why you should become a food photographer in Canada.

1. Demand

If you aren’t sure if you should become a food photographer, you should reconsider. Food photographers are constantly in demand by restaurants and other food industry professionals. With the rise of food delivery apps like Uber Eats, the need for food photography is more in demand than ever before. But you don’t just have to rely on food delivery apps, you can also help new culinary students land their first jobs and help restaurants market themselves through their websites.

2. Fun work

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get to taste all of the delicious food that you photograph as a Canadian food photographer, you may be able to occasionally. Even if you aren’t able to taste the food that you photograph, the job is often fun and allows you to use your imagination. You have to think about your shot because you will want your photo to look more interesting than the others out there.

3. Good pay

The pay for food photography jobs in Canada is extremely good. We will get into just how much you can make on average in the next section but, overall, you can make a good living with the rate of pay that you will receive on food photography jobs. This is especially true because of the rapid increase in demand for food photographers.

How much can you make off of food photography jobs in Canada

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On average, Canadian food photographers make 42,300 Canadian dollars a year according to Salary Expert. According to the Government of Canada, the average hourly wage for all photographers in Canada is between $13 and CAD 28.85. However, this number will widely vary depending on how much demand you have for your services, how often you choose to work, and how much experience you have in the field. 

For example, entry-level Canadian food photographers typically will only make CAD 32,090 a year. More established food photographers tend to make about CAD 50,784 per year. Why is there such a large difference between an entry-level food photographer and a more established food photographer? It is typically related to their ability to find jobs and clients.

However, if you are looking for ways to find more food photography clients, you can choose to work with companies like OCUS. OCUS is a company that helps photographers find in-demand jobs in their area. They do all the hard work of onboarding potential clients for you so that you can focus on working. They also help with retouching photos and editing them.

The great thing about taking a food photography job in Canada is that food photography is rapidly increasing in demand. This is primarily due to societal changes. With more people using food delivery apps like Uber Eats and GrubHub, many more restaurants will need food photographers to help them reach their customers. 

How to become a professional food photographer in Canada

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Getting professional food photography jobs in Canada can be difficult when you’re just starting. If you want to become a professional photographer there are some steps you may need to take. Keep reading to learn more about how to become a professional food photographer. 

Learn how to photograph food

The first step you’re going to want to take is to learn how the lighting tricks for food photography and how to take the best photos of food. Learning more about how to properly take shots of food will help you to not only build your portfolio but also to take the kinds of photographs that get jobs.

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2. Get the right equipment for food photography

The next step for you to build a food photography business is to make sure that you have the right equipment. Now is not the time for you to try and use an entry-level DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera. If you want to build a food photography business you’re going to need the right equipment. You can check out this blog to learn more about the equipment you’ll need.

3. Build a professional photography portfolio

After you’ve learned how to photograph food and obtained the right equipment, you are ready to start building your food photography portfolio. While we’ve discussed this previously, building a professional portfolio is key to finding food photography jobs in Canada. 

One thing you can do to build your portfolio to get food photography jobs is to reach out to local culinary schools to see if any of the students need your help building their professional culinary portfolios. Another option is to take photos of food that you make or eat at restaurants.

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4. Look for food photography jobs in Canada

The final step to becoming a professional Canadian food photographer is to look for food photography jobs. The easiest way to find food photography jobs in Canada is to register as an image creator on OCUS.

While you can certainly look for food photography jobs on job boards, the benefit of choosing to register as an OCUS image creator is that OCUS does all the hard work of finding clients for you. All you have to do is log in and choose photography jobs near you.

What does a food photographer do?

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If you’ve never worked as a professional food photographer before you may be wondering, what does a food photographer do? In this section, we will outline the typical duties of a food photographer. While not all food photographers do everything we outline, you may find yourself doing much of this work.


Typically, the most time-consuming part of a food photographer’s job is networking. Networking to market your services as a food photographer can take up most of your time as a professional food photographer. Luckily, when you work with OCUS, you get to skip this part of the process because OCUS does the hard work of finding new food photography jobs for you.

Continuing education

Another part of being a professional food photographer is continuing your education. This can be as simple as reading photography blogs like The Dot by OCUS or watching YouTube videos from professional photographers. Blogs and YouTube videos are often great resources that can help you flesh out your skills in photography.

Another option you have for continuing your education is to take classes at a local college or photography school. Taking photography classes at a local institution will help you stay informed of new trends in photography and help you network with your peers.

Food styling

Often, especially with new food photographers or smaller clients, you will have to stylize your shots. While most chefs will help photographers by making the plate look exquisite, sometimes, a food photographer will have to wear both the hat of a photographer and a food stylist. This is where continuing education can help you out. 

As a professional food photographer, you will need to know how to style the food so that the images will look appealing to the customers. This skill will come in handy when you get to a job and find that there is no food stylist there to prepare the shot for you.

Managing a shoot

Part of the job of being a professional food photographer is to manage the shoot. If your client has the budget for food stylists, you will have to guide them on how to set up the shot to take the most optimal image.

You will also need to work with any digital techs, prop stylists, assistants, and models to ensure optimal working conditions and that the shoot runs smoothly. This is the portion of the job where you have to utilize your managerial skills.


After you’ve completed the shoot for your client, you will need to handle all post-production tasks. Post-production tasks include retouching photos, delivery of files, and checking in with your team and the client that everything is complete.

When you work with companies like OCUS many of these tasks are taken off of your list. OCUS has a team of editors that can help with editing and retouching your photos. They do this so that you have more time to work with clients on their shoots. 

Administrative tasks

After working on a food photography shoot, you will often have administrative tasks that you need to manage. You may have an assistant to pay or expenses to account for. These tasks are integral to making sure that your food photography business runs smoothly. 

10 cities where you can find food photography jobs in Canada

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When looking for food photography jobs in Canada, it can be helpful to know what cities have the hottest market for new food photography jobs. Here are five cities according to OCUS data that have the highest need for Canadian food photographers.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is one Canadian city that needs food photographers. There are over 200 different restaurants and bars in downtown Halifax alone. If you’re looking for photography jobs in Halifax, helping these restaurants reach new customers is a good career choice and you can do it by becoming a food photographer.

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Victoria, British Columbia

According to Canadian Sky, Victoria has the highest number of restaurants per capita than any other Canadian city. When you are looking for photography jobs in Canada, consider looking for food photography jobs in Victoria. With so many restaurants vying for attention, your food photography services will help restaurants rise above the competition.

Calgary, Alberta

If you’re looking for photography jobs in Canada, another great city to try is Calgary. Calgary has many fine restaurants that are looking to get more attention for their seriously good food. While there are many different types of photography jobs in Calgary, food photography can be very rewarding to the right photographer.

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a popular filming location for all kinds of interesting films and while there is no shortage of photography jobs in this Canadian city, if you’re looking for a change in pace, food photography can be a great place to start. With food photography jobs, you won’t have to deal with actors or models, and you might even get to try some amazing food. 

Toronto, Ontario

The most populated city in Canada is in desperate need of quality professional food photographers. Many Toronto citizens look to Google, UberEats, and other websites or apps to find the best restaurants. If you are looking for a rewarding photography job in Canada, you can help out millions of people by becoming a food photographer.