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Originally from Belgium and now living in Arizona, I currently have six years of experience photographing businesses and people. Each day I’m discovering different cultures and connect with clients in a creative way…

Glass with jalapeno

“Listen to what each client has to say, each person has their own story so make sure you can hear it in person.”

With OCUS I can be both creative and deliver consistent and qualitative visual. The team gives me flexibility on when and where I want to work, in the United States but also abroad. During our photoshoots you get to meet all kind of people having their own story. Seeing those satisfied faces when you photograph their work it’s what is waking me up every morning. The bonus: an OCUS platform that gives me space to learn and share all my ideas!

Photos credits: ©Yannick Apers / OCUS US

Yannick Apers is a young professional photographer who started his journey selling landscape prints. He developed later on his portrait, event and commercial photography techniques. Check out his work: websiteinstagram