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I have been a photographer since 2011. I specialize in food photography and am also an interior photographer and wedding videographer. I always feel excited behind the camera capturing the image and motion and when sitting in front of a computer and viewing my work.

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For me, a good photo is a combination of lighting, composition, props, and food styling. I feel there is no boundary between the photographer and the food. I can stare at it for as long as I want. I can touch it, move it, put it in any position I want, and of course, I can even eat it. I have full control of how the food looks by using props and lighting. The final image is fully in my hands.

I like to browse through Instagram to look for food photography inspiration, there are so many good examples. However, I did watch some food photography tutorials by Andrew Scrivani which were very helpful and I highly recommend.

Beer and liquor are the most difficult things to shoot as they require very advanced lighting and retouch skills. Although if you consider those to be product photography not food photography, I would say that noodles/ramen is the most hard to shoot. It contains soup and food. So one side you want the soup to look reflective so it does not look like dead water but on the other hand you do not want the food to be too overexposed and reflective. I find it is challenging to find the proper light balance.

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What I like about OCUS most is that it is easy to choose which assignment I want to take and can make my own schedule. Every assignment is laid out on the map so I can calculate how far I need to travel. I also freelance for another platform in which they assign you a job based on your availability on a calendar but I do not like this way of operating. You do not know where the location will be until it is assigned to you, sometimes it is too far away. Overall, the experience on the OCUS platform regarding choosing an assignment and building a schedule is a great experience.

Kai Liu is a photographer. Look at his work on his website and his instagram

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