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Every day there are 3.5 Billion Google searches, nearly half are searches for a nearby business or service.
OCUS partners with companies to create great photos of banks, retailers, car dealerships and restaurants. These photos are key for businesses to succeed in local Google searches.
Marketing folks understand SEO, but most don’t understand how authentic, local photos help them stand out on Google to attract, engage and win customers.



Enriching photos with geotags and metadata, shows Google’s algorithms your image quality. Google doesn’t show every business for each search. Photo metadata increases your relevance and overall traffic.

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Draw traffic by regularly posting photos to their Google My Business profiles, this increases the probability of appearing in the top 3 search results, the “Local Pack”.  This is important for desktop searches, but even more important for mobile!

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Provide an impactful cover picture which is the first image on your Local Search Pack. Your cover picture has the most screen space on your local pack listing and great photos combined with Google’s UX pulls searchers into your profile.

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Marketing 101: Show, don’t tell!
Show your business, store features, COVID response steps, and local team in the best possible light to engage and convert prospects. Great photos drive tangible increases in calls and direction requests.

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Photos are key to win your share of Google’s 3.5 Billion searches and implement a successful clicks to bricks strategy. Not random customer pictures or an old flip phone photo, but rather bright professional photos to highlight your main selling points. Do you offer COVID-19 testing or curbside pickup? Show how you keep your customers and employees safe. Are you the best Italian restaurant in town? Highlight your current offers!
Interested in tips to improve your performance on Google? Request a demo and we’ll share our mobile!

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About OCUS:

Our vision is to design the future of imagery in a fair and scalable way.
We are on a mission to create a thriving ecosystem for image creators.
We deliver simplicity. An end-to-end solution for the best performing custom photos at scale.
We partner with retailers, marketplaces, banks, health care providers and restaurants to drive online and in-store revenue, ROI and engagement.