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I have been doing photography for 15 years. I specialize in taking portraits and real estate photos, my favorite quote about photography is :”you do not take a photograph, you make it.”

women in green dress painting

My work often focuses on social and humanitarian issues. My photographic essay on Tibetan refugee children, On the Other Side of the Himalayas, has been exhibited widely in Asia. I recently earned my Master’s in Digital Photography from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, where I completed a project that explores the effect of consumerism on the natural world. This work is currently being exhibited at SVA’s Gramercy Gallery in New York City. Recently, I bought the book : Photography is magic, by Charlotte Cotton. This book includes 75 artists with their unique and imaginative ideas of photography. 

dancer in action

I joined the OCUS community when I saw the recruitment information online. It’s the fastest way to find clients and get connections, a very convenient platform to contact customers and upload the photos easily. The most important thing is the very responsive support team, they always provide great advice and solutions when I have issues.

Photos credits: ©Huaiyi Tsai

Born on a small island off the coast of Taiwan, New York-based Huaiyi Tsai brings a background in both studio photography and communications to his current fine-art work. 

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