Nov 05, 2021

3 Photography Trends to Make Your Products Stand Out

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Quality images of your product not only help your brand maintain a strong visual identity and create a captivating story, but also play a big part in expanding your reach, driving conversion, and turning your website browsers into buyers.

The bar has been raised in terms of visual content expectations. As consumers have an endless array of options regarding their next purchase, it is essential to stay up to date with current photography trends in order to persuade a customer to invest in your product or service. Let’s dive into some of these:


Provide a realistic snapshot of your products with unedited images

Today, consumers’ social media feeds are continuously filled with highly curated and edited images, showcasing the most glamorous aspects of people’s lives. However, consumers are warier of how pictures can particularly give a false representation of products online. In fact, one of the reasons behind a high return rate on online shopping websites is receiving products that look different in style or size on pictures.

It’s clear that consumers seek authenticity and a sense of originality in what they see, meaning heavy filters and intense manipulations can no longer do the trick to filling online carts. 

65% of shoppers prefer real customer photos over professional shots, which says a lot about current customer expectations and where they put their trust. Solution: combine both aspects by giving a real representation of your product through authentic professional product photography. Capturing that raw, unedited moment requires a whole set of skills, vision, and expertise such as choosing the right angle and lighting. Utilize these photos across multiple platforms and channels to maximize the impact and create strong visual consistency. 


Capture your product in motion through video

Within seconds, videos can engage customers to your online product and convey emotions to support their purchase decision. In fact, 55% of consumers use videos to decide on their purchase. Videos are an effective tool to boost sales by replicating the human experience shoppers love to have in physical stores.  Videos captivate your online shoppers and speak directly to their minds, ultimately being a driving force to purchase your products.

With 83% of marketers saying video has helped increase the average time their visitors spend on page in 2021, videos are an effective tool to engage consumers and increase brand loyalty.  By viewing your product or service online from different angles and perspectives, online shoppers are more likely to come back to your website and browse through more listed items, enabling you to strategize cross-selling and boost sales on multiple pages of your website. 

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Give your customers a 360-degree view of your product

360-degree photography has become a game-changer across multiple industries and increasingly popular on social media platforms. Now is the time to invest. eCommerce brands of all sizes have begun to adapt their photo sharing capabilities to enable 360-degree visuals, allowing customers to see products from every angle, and build expectations as close to reality as physically possible. According to EMarketer “Additional product imagery and video content helps shoppers get a better sense of the product and reduce their perceived risk, so they can feel more confident in their purchase.”  By having the ability to see products in such an interactive perspective directly from their device screen, 360-degree photography helps build a sense of trust prior to their purchase and elevates their overall experience with your brand.

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The OCUS solution

High-quality photos, videos, and 360-degree images are no secret to OCUS clients. With cutting-edge technology and a highly-skilled community of image creators, OCUS enables clients to produce visual content that portrays their products in their best light to attract and convert consumers.

Reach out to us through, to learn how OCUS can help your online business stay on-trend and on-brand with professional images at speed and scale.