Mar 26, 2021

The 3 Visual Strategies Every Tourism Marketer Needs to Know Now

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Travel is coming back, fueled by wider availability of vaccines and pent-up demand from leisure travelers. Though the degree of recovery varies from country to country, overall domestic summer travel is poised for a major boom. 
Is your company ready?

It goes without saying that many would-be travelers, especially those who have been on lock down and isolated for much of the past year, certainly are. The next inspiring travel image they see, whether on social media or through a retargeting campaign, may just be the trip they book first. Scrolling on our phones, eye-catching visuals have kept us motivated and excited through this difficult year. If deployed in a strategic way, customized imagery can be the key to tourism recovery. 
Here’s how highly customized photo and video collateral can be used on a variety of fronts to power engagement, brand loyalty, and sales: 

1. Continue to Appeal to International Travelers with Inspirational Imagery

Border openings will continue to affect international travel options, but people are still dreaming about their first big cross-border trip. Make sure you’re using this time to inspire them with reassuring imagery that will encourage them to visit your destination when the time is right. You can stay top of mind with “armchair travelers” by showcasing high-quality, brand-distinguishing visuals that will increase the chance that they become future travelers. 

Stadiu Dublin

2. Market to Locals and Nearby Residents with Refreshed Images of Restaurants, Attractions, and Hotels

In light of the pandemic, many marketing teams have rebuilt their plans to act as curators of local experiences for nearby residents. They’re not just focusing on bringing visitors to their hotel or destination, but also on supporting local businesses and shining a spotlight on lesser known attractions. Running campaigns with destination images that consistently reflect current health and safety protocols and “the new normal” is an important way to reassure both locals and in-bound domestic travelers that you’re ready to welcome them when the time is right.

Girafs at zoo

3. Prepare Now for the Summer Travel Boom by Responding to Audience Needs

This past week, 26 U.S. travel industry organizations urged President Biden’s administration to lift inbound international travel restrictions, citing improvement in coronavirus statistics. Meanwhile, travelers within Europe are optimistic about a new Covid-19 “green travel certificate” that allows them to take cross-border flights within the EU. As vaccination rates increase, it’s only a matter of time before international travel picks up around the world. Destinations can maximize demand by generating experiential images that reflect what various audiences, from families to couples to business travelers, want out of their first big post-pandemic travel experience. For example, families are interested in outdoor activities and parents may respond to images that highlight rest and relaxation. 

Beach football

With a global network of 30,000 photographers and videographers, OCUS™ operates across 104 countries in EMEA, Asia, and the Americas. Vetted for quality and turnaround time, image creators can deliver within hours or days, so your visual campaigns can remain as agile and responsive as the ever-evolving travel recovery landscape requires. 

The “always-on” need for images is an exponential function of internet growth. To succeed in today’s digital marketplace, tourism companies need to produce customized images at scale. But images alone are no longer sufficient to drive results, which is why OCUS couples custom imagery with business intelligence and analytics. OCUS’ robust API-first platform is augmented with machine learning and image recognition to deliver optimized visuals that automate and streamline operations, leading to higher levels of consumer engagement and conversion. 

As today’s tourism companies pivot toward a post-pandemic world, having an enterprise-class image solution that is firing on all cylinders is critical. 

Contact today, to learn how the OCUS solution can drive results specific to your business needs.