Sep 30, 2021

4 Benefits of Using Professional Real Estate Photographers

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In today’s competitive real estate market, showcasing properties online is a must. However, an agent’s best friend who owns the latest Android is not the ideal candidate to photograph a home. Although it may be tempting to quickly snap pictures on a phone and upload them online, investing in professional photography will result in long-term success. With 93 percent of US homebuyers starting their search online, photos and virtual tours are the first touchpoints to attract buyers. If searchers are not impressed with what they see online, they are highly unlikely to visit the property in person or make an offer. Professional photographers have the expertise, skills, and equipment to accurately portray each property in its best light, focal point, and dimension resulting in better sales. Let’s take a look at the top four benefits of hiring a professional versus DIY visual content:

living room

(Photo taken by non-professional)

living room after

(Photo taken by an OCUS professional Image Creator)

Benefits of Professional Photography: 

1. Sell higher and faster 

When done right, high-quality photos quickly capture the attention of home seekers. Homes with professional photos remain on the market for an average of 89 days, while those without sell after 123 days. That’s more than 30 percent faster. As technology advances and consumer expectations change, simply having photos no longer makes the grade. Virtual tours are quickly becoming an industry norm and data says leads to higher sales. Matterport has proven that properties with virtual tours sell at up to 9 percent higher prices than those without.  

2. Ensure quality and consistency 

According to the National Association of Realtors, 89 percent of buyers found photos of properties to be very useful. Online visuals create a buyer’s first impression of a property.  Dim lighting and/or an angle that makes a space appear smaller can cause searchers to swipe past a property. Don’t risk losing potential customers on the basis of having poor-quality photos. OCUS has a professional team solely dedicated to quality assurance, ensuring that each image meets brand standards and guidelines. Additionally, with OCUS, edits made during post-production will further optimize the entire selection of photos to provide a higher engagement rate and rate of sales. 

3. Expertise 

Real estate photography is much more intricate than you may think and when you choose to hire a professional photographer, you are hiring their skill and expertise. The time of day, lighting, angles, and ability to stage properly are all elements that play a crucial role in capturing the perfect shot. As mentioned above, consumer expectations are changing. As such, photographers must have the proper equipment to produce elevated content such as virtual tours. Through online content produced by professionals who have the right skill sets to capture desirable features, buyers can envision their life in a new space. At OCUS, Image Creators are thoroughly vetted prior to acceptance into the OCUS Community and categorized by specialization to ensure brands are assigned only professionals that fit their needs. 

4. Elevate marketing material

A recent study conducted by The Close stated that 82 percent of agents chose to “improve social media presence” as the main source to grow their business in 2021. Why? Today, social media enables agents to reach and engage with a broader audience. However, on highly visual platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, photos and videos need to be best in class and numerous in order to stand out. Boost property marketing efforts with professionally produced visual content to increase likes, shares, and comments on posts.

bedroom before

(Photo taken by non-professional)

bedroom before

(Photo taken by an OCUS professional Image Creator)

The OCUS Solution 

Through innovative, robust technology and a global network of Image Creators,™ OCUS enables clients to get properties online faster and increase conversions with custom photos. Ready to sell properties faster and with a higher rate of success with professional photography? Contact today.

dining room before

(Photo taken by non-professional)

dining room after

(Photo taken by an OCUS professional Image Creator)