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Apr 19, 2021

4 Reasons to Amplify Your Digital Brand with the World’s Best Network of Image Creators

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Marketplaces across every vertical are becoming more and more digital. In a world where screens are replacing storefronts, are you sure you have the right team to produce the on-brand product imagery you need to succeed?

According to Salesforce, 88 percent of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to COVID-19, and 68 percent say the pandemic has elevated their expectations of companies’ digital capabilities. Aligning with these expectations, Euromonitor International projects that digital will account for half of the growth for the global retail sector by 2025.

In order to thrive amidst this accelerated pace of digitization, brands within all verticals and regions need to get online more quickly, maintain and optimize ever-expanding libraries of visual collateral, and scale globally—all without sacrificing their brand identity. But fueling this “always-on” engine can seem like a major challenge for most enterprise companies.

OCUS™ delivers the best solution to this challenge by offering clients the global reach of our network of best-in-class Image Creators combined with an easy-to-use API, streamlined workflows, and sophisticated business intelligence that optimizes performance.

Clients can execute campaigns with confidence knowing that our Image Creators are extensions of their brand teams, providing local representation on the ground. Intensely vetted for quality and turnaround time before joining the OCUS community, our Image Creators are skill-matched to meet specific client needs, from tantalizing food photography for online food delivery platforms to jaw-dropping destination imagery for tourism clients. They are highly qualified experts, local specialists who know exactly how to produce the customized photo and video content that today’s digital-first enterprise companies rely on to power engagement, brand loyalty, and sales.

Four factors help quantify the true value of this global network:   

1. Growth and Scale

Extending global reach is key to food tech, tourism, real estate, and e-commerce businesses, but significant time and resource allocations are needed for internal teams to schedule and plan multi-region creative campaigns. OCUS makes it easy to manage thousands of shoots and millions of images thanks to our global community of 30,000 professional photographers, videographers, and drone pilots that operate across 120+ countries in EMEA, Asia, and the Americas.

urban landscape from above


2. Speed and Efficiency

Consider the challenges of producing visual content across several countries: multiple freelancers and agencies to source, multiple invoices to pay, and multiple laws to comply with. Tapping into OCUS’ streamlined network saves time—and headaches. Vetted for quick turnaround time, our Image Creators can deliver high-volume visuals wherever and whenever needed. Through our streamlined workflows, photos can be assigned, delivered, and uploaded within hours or days, so your visual campaigns can remain as agile and responsive as the ever-evolving marketing landscape requires.

roller coaster

3. The Highest Quality

It’s not just about high volume and quick turnaround time. It’s also about quality, which is why OCUS goes above and beyond to vet and train our community of Image Creators to adhere to clients’ brand guidelines and deliver quality results. “Every picture requires craftsmanship to be produced,” said OCUS CEO Thibaud Lemonnier in a recent interview. “The quality of a picture is a direct consequence of the photographer’s talent and know-how.” We endeavor to bring the best, most skilled talent to our clients to ensure that images are of the highest quality, fully optimized to deliver results.

architectural photo

4. Consistency and Brand Authenticity

We understand that in a global environment, it’s challenging keeping everyone on the same page. Implementing thorough guidelines helps ensure that images are created consistently across OCUS’ global footprint, and that Image Creators with the right specialized skills are matched to your needs. 
No matter where they are in the world, photographers and videographers are trained on the same co-defined guidelines and image standards, helping to ensure overall brand consistency. After all, your brand image is most powerful when the messaging is consistent at every level, especially when showcasing a diverse array of products from different regions. To maintain brand authenticity you need a skilled, fully vetted, and highly functioning team on the ground. That’s the true value of our global network.  

gastronomy top view

Combine these four factors with a strong business intelligence capability and you have a winning strategy to keep up with the accelerated pace of digitization. OCUS’ robust API-first platform is augmented with machine learning and image recognition to deliver optimized visuals that automate and streamline operations, leading to higher levels of consumer engagement and conversion.  Contact today, to learn how to extend your brand reach and super-charge your sales by tapping into our global network of Image Creators coupled with cutting-edge technology.

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Written by: Darren Frei – Content Strategist