Nov 03, 2020

All spheres, one passion.

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I was born in New York City and grew up in lower Manhattan’s iconic Greenwich Village. During the late 1960s, and well into the 1970s, the Village was a hotbed of culture and the arts. During this period, I was introduced to art and photography, developing an interest in what would become my lifelong passion. 

While I took some photography courses in college I am primarily self-taught. Spanning the last four decades, I have learned, developed, and honed his skills independently, becoming an avid and serious amateur photographer who has recently turned professional. Although I lived and grew up in New York City and spent his summers in the Greek islands and have traveled to many other places throughout the world. I continue to travel in pursuit of unforgettable photographic images. During each journey, with camera in hand, I record much of what I see, sharing the impression of my mind’s eye through composition, light play, and shape and design.


My photographic portfolio is diverse: it includes landscape, architecture, portrait, flora and fauna, underwater, and street photography. Over the past few years I have brought his portfolio to the public eye and, in short order, has had many of his photographs juried and invited into exhibition at many galleries and museums throughout the United States, receiving many accolades and awards for this work along the way. I won awards in international competitions such as in Moscow, London and Tokyo, have been a featured artist at major art shows at Art San Diego, Spectrum Miami, ArtExpo New York, ArtExpo Las Vegas, and have had international private gallery placements in venues like Vienna, Austria and Bologna, Italy, as well as being a featured gallery artist on various cruise ship lines.

My experience with OCUS has been wonderful… the OCUS team are always there to support you and take care of the unexpected details as they come up. I am a foodie at heart, so having an opportunity to visit so many restaurants, and meet the client, is truly an enjoyable opportunity to discover new dining options. Doing this type of work also keeps my skills sharp, while I am on travel lockdown and unable to do my travel photography.

Photos credits:  ©Nicholas Teetelli

Nicholas Teetelli is both a published and international award-winning fine art photographer.
Look at his work on his website. If you want to learn more about him and his work, please look at this documentary