Apr 30, 2021

Click and Collect: Show, Don’t Tell

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As news hit the Financial Times ($) that consumers stockpiled cash, $5.4 Trillion in extra savings since the pandemic began, retailers and restaurants are preparing for a surge in consumer spending. 

Click & Collect programs empower businesses with a convenient and timely service to compete with third-party ecommerce platforms. 

Consumers are already embracing C&C, as it has been colloquially named. According to Marketer Insider Intelligence, United States C&C sales more than doubled in 2020 and will sustain double-digit growth rates through 2024.

OCUS™  provides professional customized photography and videography for retailers. Recently, we’ve been delivering great images showcasing Click & Collect and drive-thru features. 

Why professional images for retail? 

Your local store manager is an amazing team motivator and master of logistics, but hand on heart, he or she is probably not a great photographer. 

OCUS specializes in creating images that show, not tell. Our customized and optimized images drive foot traffic and revenue. The OCUS platform integrates with Store Locators and Google to increase reach, boost engagement and convert visitors. 

eyewear boutique

Why authentic local photos? 

OCUS delivers retailers authentic, local store images across North America, Europe and Asia. Stock images, even great branded ones, no longer meet customers’ expectations. Customers expect to see their local store, not a generic version. Our photographer network and technology enable us to deliver customization at scale for our customers.

OCUS boosts confidence and personalization with images that answer questions such as, where is my local store’s C&C? What layout changes can I expect? Are the staff friendly and masked up? 

two merchants smiling at camera

Why a scaled solution?

Click & Collect is fast enough to compete with Amazon Same Day without the supply chain needed for local delivery. For grocers, it comes as they face new delivery competition (frenemies?) like Instacart and GoPuff in the US, Deliveroo and Dija in the UK. 

The OCUS Community of 30,000 global Image Creators and a sophisticated platform deliver high-performing photos and videos that help customers visualize your local stores and the Click & Collect pickup-up and drop-off points. 

OCUS operates at the scale and speed national retailers need while integrating with Google to improve SEO and compete with fast-moving online competition.

Contact marketing@ocus.com today, to learn how the OCUS solution can promote Click & Collect to meet your business needs. 

Written By: Russell Bradley-Cook – Sales