Nov 18, 2021

Forward Thinkers in Focus: Yemeksepeti

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As borders begin to open and business travel slowly picks up, OCUS is excited to be able to finally step away from zoom calls and meet clients face to face, some even for the first time. Last month our team had the opportunity to visit Istanbul and catch up with Yemeksepeti.

Founded in 2001, Yemeksepeti is a leading quick commerce platform in Turkey. With over 60,000 restaurants and small business partners, Yemeksepeti delivers to more than 25 million registered users. OCUS has been working hand in hand with Yemeksepeti since the beginning of 2021 to deliver over 10,000 photoshoots for their restaurant partners.

During our time in Istanbul, we sat down with Müge Balta, Director of Menu and Content, to discuss our partnership.

What were Yemeksepeti’s main photography pain points prior to working with OCUS?

A: Prior to working with OCUS, our main pain point was photography coverage. Through our partnership, we have overcome this challenge and with the bonus of being able to create added value for our restaurants. In just 7 months, OCUS covered over 30% of all Yemeksepeti restaurants spanning across 46 cities.

What made OCUS stand out and was the deciding factor that sold your team on working with us?

A: Of course, pricing always comes into play. However, OCUS’ ability to deliver photos in multiple formats via API and their overall flexibility were stand outs for us. With OCUS, we feel as though we have a real partner as opposed to just another vendor.

What are three business benefits Yemeksepeti has experienced since working with OCUS?

A: Thanks to OCUS, we’ve been able to increase our dish level photography rate by 3% (which is huge for us), significantly boost order conversion for restaurants with OCUS photos vs without, and our restaurant’s overall happiness levels are higher.

Has our partnership impacted your relationship with your restaurants in any way? If so, how?

A: Our restaurants are thoroughly satisfied with OCUS photoshoots and the seamless process offered, so much so that they have started recommending OCUS to each other.

Our partnership began in the midst of COVID and lockdowns. How did OCUS help Yemeksepeti adapt to the challenging environment?

A: During our pilot with OCUS, we entered a lockdown in Turkey and had to adapt our way of working. The OCUS team made this transition seamless. Photographers were trained and informed quickly and efficiently to answer our needs so that we could hit the ground running as soon as the lockdown was lifted.

How would you describe your experience of working with OCUS to someone who is considering OCUS?

A: OCUS has a great team that isalways working at their best for our brand. Their account managers are always eager to help us find the best solutions for our needs. A huge plus for us is that the OCUS success team supports the Turkish language!  

Is there anything you would like to add or comment on regarding our partnership?

A: We are very pleased to work with OCUS and enthusiastic for our partnership to prosper in 2022.