Aug 24, 2020

Meet Tatchakrit Kantangkul, our OCUS star in Thailand!

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We are feeling super excited to see how rapidly our market is growing in one of our favorite countries ever, Thailand! From the north to the gulf, we have the pleasure to be working with such great photographers and clients.

When we think of Thailand, not only do we think of its beautiful landscapes or delicious food, but also its amazing people. It is a simple yet interesting fusion of influences perfectly merged into that very unique style.

This is exactly what Tatchakrit Kantangkul showcases whenever we look at any of his pictures! He has been part of our community for only 3 months, and in this period of time, he has done over 250 missions in Hat Yai, Thailand. He’s the proud owner of his own photography studio called BK studio, where he does all types of photography. From portraits to events, Tatchakrit always makes sure that we can taste the moments in time he’s capturing.

Tatchakrit Kantangkul

Following the exact same formula for his OCUS missions, he has earned our own and our customers’ big appreciation; making us feel so lucky to have him working within our teams.

“What I do after I get assigned to a mission is very fun as it is challenging. I find it not that hard but also not that easy either.”

various plates, top view

At OCUS we always try our best to keep our community happy and feeling good about their assignments and challenges. Seeing our image creators grow professionally and enjoy their tasks is our main motivation when it comes to image creators and client acquisition.


So, as Tatchakrit does, we would like to invite you to join our community and be part of the OCUS experience in Thailand. We’ll be beyond happy to see you becoming our next OCUS star!