Feb 13, 2021

Two Super Bowl Ads with the Same Stock Clip Highlight the Value of Custom Imagery

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Watching Super Bowl ads is a hallowed American tradition, almost on par with watching the Big Game itself. For advertisers vying for attentive eyeballs, the goal is to tap into emotion with unique creative that, among other things, authentically reflects a brand’s identity.

Seeing Double

While advertisers typically steer clear of using stock imagery in high-profile Super Bowl spots, eagle-eyed viewers of this year’s game caught the same video clip of a father and child in ads for Indeed, a job listings site, and Guaranteed Rate, a digital mortgage company.

two photos side by side

Indeed / Guaranteed Rate

Though somewhat embarrassing for both brands, this awkward moment probably won’t tarnish their reputations in the long term – but it’s a great reminder that using stock imagery can be a bit of a gamble, especially as the value of custom imagery comes into sharper focus.

Visual Content is King

Consumers are looking for transparency and authenticity, with 89 percent declaring they could ditch a brand if they felt fooled. In today’s imagery-driven online media landscape, where 51 percent of a smartphone screen is devoted to images, poor imagery can not only damage your brand; it can be the sole reason a customer doesn’t click on your product.

Brands are measuring image performance at every step of the sales funnel. Smart brands know that custom images, which can be aligned more directly with business objectives, drive more traffic, increase conversion, and reinforce brand loyalty and engagement. Industry sources say landing pages with images:

  • Drive 8 times as much traffic
  • Convert 2.5 times as much
  • Decrease sales lead time by 30%

OCUS’ Solution

Using stock imagery may seem convenient, especially with production still limited by the Covid-19 pandemic, but executing custom photos at scale is a more powerful alternative thanks to OCUS’ enterprise-class platform, which delivers superior, on-demand images and videos with powerful online conversion rates for clients.

OCUS’ image performance engine enables enterprise clients to manage their digital visual brand with best-of-breed technologies in machine learning, image recognition, and business intelligence. Request a demo and we’ll show you how it works.