Jun 04, 2020

The Pathfinders: a Path to OCUS Collective Governance

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OCUS Pathfinders is our governance committee. Our willingness to create a fair model for our community can’t exist without a fair representation system. Composed by our community and OCUS team members, OCUS Pathfinders is here to insure our image creators point of view and visibility in our decision-making process. Each session is dedicated to a specific topic as issues faced by image professionals, their expectations and how we can be a solution for them.

The purpose

OCUS is made by, for and with its community of image creators. The Pathfinders meet each quarter. Its members are committed, OCUS members as OCUS image creators meet each other and share their experiences. Most importantly, by participating in these sessions, professional users of the platform are fully involved in all OCUS projects.

How does it work?

No topic is banned during those sessions. Members propose topics to be addressed: remuneration, overview and discussion about the OCUS responsibility charter, model and interface of the web application, presentation of the sales team, scope of the missions, insurance, retirement for freelancers, etc. According to the topics, speakers from outside OCUS are invited to debate with the participants.

Due to their ambivalent status and the risk of seeing their profession weakened and disorganized, we are convinced that platform users must take part in their governance, participate in decision-making and in the structure of the community. The role of the Pathfinders is consultative on topics proposed by its members and by OCUS. It can be decided on proposals voted on during the meeting.

Join the movement!

Fully ready to co-construct a virtuous model for the image sector with OCUS, next sessions: July and September 2020. Want to contribute to this movement? Sign the charter right here!





“We’ll succeed if you’re sure we’re on the same side, that we’re together. I don’t get up in the morning to develop a business, it doesn’t make sense, it’s not enough. We’re conscious that there’s a huge market, but the goal is above all to create a virtuous model for image industry.”

Thibaud Lemonnier, CEO
Session #1 Teh Pathfinders, September 12, 2019

Photo credits: ©Sonia Lounès