May 28, 2021

Why Smart Business Intelligence is a Crucial Ingredient for Enterprise Food Delivery Platforms

Reading Time: 2 minutes

OCUS™ helps enterprise food delivery clients harness the creative power of the world’s best Image Creators, but that’s only half of the story. Delivering results, optimizing performance, and enabling operational efficiencies at scale takes a strong business intelligence capability. And OCUS delivers that, too. 

Our sophisticated business intelligence tool is essentially a one-stop command center that optimizes operations to help clients track their investment and drive results. Clients can monitor the progress of every photo or video shoot around the world as they happen in real time and create customizable reports for complete visibility. 

This level of transparency builds trust and demonstrates OCUS’ confidence in delivering strong SLAs for clients. Lead time, delivery time, and even image quality can all be tracked in an easy-to-use dashboard, with concise filters for every geography. The tool also integrates easily with back office systems, helping clients stay on track with their marketing budgets.

Man working at computer

Other key benefits of the tool include speeding up vendor onboarding, reducing administrative paperwork, making decisions quickly and confidently, and systematically detecting and troubleshooting ‘blockers’ – like when a restaurant won’t answer the phone or won’t cooperate with photographers. Proactively managing these blockers can help clients avoid cancelation fees and keep operational costs down. 

In short, having a global view to manage marketing operations in real time gives clients the tools they need to make quick decisions that can optimize engagement and sales. In addition to business intelligence, OCUS provides clients with the best high-quality images at speed and scale thanks to our global network of Image Creators. Our easy-to-use API streamlines workflows by automating post-production, delivery, and support solutions. 

Contact today to learn how OCUS can empower you to optimize your visual campaigns with business intelligence.