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May 07, 2021

Why Winning the Q-Commerce Race Takes High-Quality Images

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s all about being fast. Customer expectations for speedy online product delivery increased sharply during the pandemic. One- and two-day delivery times, the standard set by companies like Amazon, are no longer cutting it. Today’s consumers want their products delivered the same day, if not within 30 minutes after ordering. Delivery brands are lining up to meet this expectation by leveraging local warehouses and nimble two-wheeled delivery vehicles as opposed to less maneuverable trucks.

Indeed, this hyper competitive q-commerce (“q” stands for quick) space ballooned around the world during lockdowns, and it shows no signs of shrinking. Earlier this year, Spanish courier Glovo made history by raising $530 million in Series F funding, the largest fundraising figure ever for a startup in Spain.

According to eMarketer, overall e-commerce will approach $5 trillion worldwide this year after growing by an estimated 27.6% in 2020. As q-commerce companies compete for a share of this growth with faster and faster delivery times, they must remember not to treat their product pages as an afterthought.

Anchored by strong visuals, product pages are the storefront windows for your brand. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, the best way to stand out is to populate these pages with images that connect your target audience to your product offerings. However, injecting life into your product pages doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice speed and efficiency.

Packaged goods

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