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OCUS is a rapidly growing team of passionate, global team members who love challenging the status quo, doing their best work and letting their personality shine—one image at a time.

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Driven by our mission.

We transform businesses through powerful images, empower creators to excel at their craft and guide consumers through meaningful, visually-appealing experiences.


Led by virtues.

Our virtues act as a beacon for who we hire and drive decisions, actions and communication—including:



We believe ambition, when challenged effectively, can—and does—change the world.

  • Dream big. Set bold goals.
  • Driven by impact, not effort
  • Be the best version of yourself
High agency

High agency

We attract naturally-driven team members who are action-oriented and proudly put their stamp on their work.

  • Bias toward action
  • Extreme ownership
  • Zero-excuse mindset


Aiming for professional and personal goals doesn’t come without challenges, which is why perseverance is non-negotiable.

  • Go the extra mile
  • Embrace challenge
  • Thrive under pressure

More than a job. A thriving career.

  • Engineering

    Leverage data science to develop machine learning functionalities that drive visual performance.

    Highly-skilled, forward-thinking and data-driven Developers, Data Scientists and Product Managers comprise the backbone of OCUS’ Engineering team to build world-class products using emerging technology for our global clients. With an emphasis on data science, the team drives the development of machine learning functionalities using a collaborative approach that aims to stay on the cutting-edge of solving tomorrow’s biggest challenges.

  • Operations

    Steer the ship through fast growth, innovative technology and ever-changing consumer demands.

    With a knack for innovation and adaptability, the Operations team navigates the challenges of scaling up imagery production and transforming obstacles into opportunities that propel the business. Armed with data-driven insights, they decipher the code of efficiency, ensuring that every resource is maximized and every decision is guided by actionable intelligence.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Propel growth and sustain OCUS’s success by acquiring, nurturing and retaining high-value clients.

    The Sales & Marketing team serves as linchpins, propelling growth and sustaining OCUS' success. They aren’t just salespeople; they are growth catalysts, leveraging data-driven insights to identify trends and refine their approach. This team's ability to foster long-term partnerships and adapt to changing markets not only drives profitability but shapes OCUS' trajectory, positioning it for prominence for decades to come.

  • Product

    Imagine, build and iterate products that redefine industries built atop a foundation of technical excellence.

    With agility at its core, the OCUS Product team navigates complex coding landscapes to create scalable and cutting-edge solutions. Their role transcends mere coding; they are problem solvers, collaborators, and visionaries. Fuelled by a relentless pursuit of perfection, they embrace the challenge of scaling rapidly, leveraging emerging technologies to propel the company forward.


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Love to challenge the status quo? Bonjour.

We’re a fast-growing, diverse team where engineers and creatives come together for a shared vision.



Contribute to a bold mission that brings the best of technology and creativity under one roof.



Experience the thrill of a fast-paced, action-oriented culture where speed is non-negotiable.

Extreme Ownership

Extreme Ownership

Embrace a vertical learning curve and take ownership of your craft, skills and day-to-day work.

Open Feedback

Open Feedback

Actively seek and receive feedback with an open mind, knowing we all aim toward the same goal.

Team Player

Team Player

Collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures across 20+ different nationalities.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Be yourself, bring the good vibes and allow your personality to shine across our team-building activities.

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If you’ve been told you’re dreaming too big and didn’t listen—you’re one of us.

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