AI Perform

Measure the impact of
every visual with AI Perform.

OCUS’ AI Perform uses advanced analytics and data to provide a visual quality score to any—and every—image so you can assess performance and automatically optimize for ROI.

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One score.
Instant clarity.

OCUS AI Performance simplifies image performance assessment with a unified metric, enabling quick identification of high-performing images and instant generation of optimized 'new images.

One score. Instant clarity.

How to leverage AI Perform.

  • Catalog Optimization

    Segment your catalog to see how different ‘collections’ score. Including individual images to get clarity on how to improve visual performance quickly.

  • User Upload Help

    Automatically score images uploaded by users so they know how to improve them, or enhance uploaded images using our AI tools.

  • Automated A/B Testing

    Leverage data from paid ad campaigns to see how images perform. Use our generative AI to automatically produce additional images to automate A/B testing.


Tracking visual performance.
Made easy.

Take the guess work out. Clearly understand which images are going to drive the most revenue for you.

Instant Clarity


Get a real-time pulse on the visual performance of every image, at any time.

Personalized Brand Data

Brand Data

We integrate client performance data to precisely tie performance changes to each image.

Leverage Analytics


Our AI, machine-learning tool uses predictive analytics and machine learning into one simple score.

Conversion Rate Correlation

Rate Correlation

Determine the link between visual performance and conversion-rate, built directly into the score.

Revenue Relationship Clarity

Revenue Relationship Clarity

Get a clear snapshot on how your visuals are impacting your revenue, and ensure maximum ROI.

Automatic Optimization

Automatic Optimization

Our AI tools and predictive analysis can generate ‘new images’ that are more optimized, instantly.


Eliminate guesswork. Leverage clarity.

Many enterprises rely on a suite of siloed tools that fail to easily measure visual performance.

AI Perform

  • One Source Of Truth
  • Built-In Predictive Analytics
  • Instant AI Optimization
  • Customized On Brand Data
  • Built For The Future

Most Visual
Performance Tools

  • One Source Of Truth
  • Built-In Predictive Analytics
  • Instant AI Optimization
  • Customized On Brand Data
  • Built For The Future

Trusted by enterprises who demand clarity.

Emma,New Verticals Director

“Wow these results are incredible! I just shared this with my team and they are also excited about the AI Router capabilities”

Emma,New Verticals Director

New Verticals Director, Doordash

“At the end of the pilot, 95% of [our agents] were happy with the retouching quality and the time it saved them. We really appreciated working with the OCUS team: they are competent, reactive, and problem-solving oriented.”


Product Manager, IAD International

Global Procurement Manager

“They have enabled us to scale photography operations for seven of our brands which led to a significant increase in both image coverage and conversion.”

Global Procurement Manager
Dunja Zivanovic

Global Procurement Manager

Uber Eats

“OCUS offers the best customer service, and tech utilization with their API integration and automated workflow.”

Uber Eats
Kyle Goodrich,

Senior Strategic Operations Manage, Uber Eats

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Harness predictive analytics.
Outperform the competition.

Maximize the performance of every visual for increased conversions. Using OCUS AI Perform.