Protect your brand
with round-the-clock moderation. 

Protect your global brand using our AI-powered technology that filters images through your unique standards, keeps unwanted images out and passes them along to be instantly fixed.

Step by Step

One off-brand image can ruin
your reputation. We fix that.

Off-brand visuals impact brand reputation. Global enterprises trust OCUS for 24/7 AI-powered protection. We scan, filter, and send for manual review or adjust to meet brand standards.

  • Configure

    Build your newest brand guardian

    Define your brand and community guidelines and 'train' the AI model to be your biggest brand protector.

  • Protect

    Keep unwanted, off-brand photos out

    Get an instant visual performance score of every image for instant clarity on impressions, conversions and performance.

  • Enhance

    Edit photos to be on-brand and meet standards

    Rescue flagged images and improve them instantly, or pass them on to team members for manual review.


Moderates your content 24/7.

OCUS is designed to minimize liability and ensure your brand reputation is always protected.

Personalized to your needs. From day one.

Our technology uses your brand standards while constantly learning from itself.

Stop image slip-ups.

OCUS filters your visual catalog to keep unwanted images out. Customized to your brand standards.


Always-on protection

Experience the confidence and peace of mind of always-on protection.


Use AI as your first filter

AI becomes your team’s first quality assurance filter, flagging items for manual review.

Safeguard your reputation

Safeguard your reputation

Ensure your entire visual catalog upholds your brand standards to minimize liability.

Built for your standards

Built for your standards

Instead of a generic approach, our technology filters everything through your specific standards.

Gets better over time

Gets better over time

Using Machine Learning and predictive analysis, our AI gets better over time as it collects data.

Data-driven reporting

Data-driven reporting

Get customized reports that show which images were kept out, flagged or passed onto your team.

Minimize liability


Automatically keep unwanted images out of your visual catalog to stop issues before they start.

Uphold brand standards

Uphold brand standards

Our AI-powered technology makes upholding your brand standards easier. At scale.

Be proactive, not reactive

Be proactive, not reactive

Instead of ‘reacting’ to quality control issues, ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


All-encompassing brand protection starts here.

Legal & Policies

Legal & Policies

Scan images for nudity, weapons, copyright, watermarks, etc. Ensure brand guidelines by excluding people, outdoor shots, etc.



Ensure every visual has accurate formatting, dimensions, file sizes, resolution quality, and more.



Optimize look and feel, including color, brightness, and contrast to ensure consistent brand performance.


Trusted by global enterprises

Uber Eats

“OCUS offers the best customer service, and tech utilization with their API integration and automated workflow.”

Uber Eats
Balaji Rajaramachandran

Sr Regional Operations Manager

Emma,New Verticals Director

“Wow these results are incredible! I just shared this with my team and they are also excited about the AI Router capabilities”


New Verticals Director, Doordash

“At the end of the pilot, 95% of [our agents] were happy with the retouching quality and the time it saved them. We really appreciated working with the OCUS team: they are competent, reactive, and problem-solving oriented.”


Product Manager, IAD International

Global Procurement Manager

“They have enabled us to scale photography operations for seven of our brands which led to a significant increase in both image coverage and conversion.”

Global Procurement Manager
Dunja Zivanovic

Global Procurement Manager


Eliminate siloed tools. OCUS integrates directly into your CMS and tech stack.

Instead of siloed tools that create extra work, OCUS minimizes disruption by integrating into your existing tech stack. Our API integrations are ready from day one. So you get more done, faster.

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Experience the confidence of always-on protection. For your entire visual catalog.

Protect your brand’s reputation with OCUS, customized to your unique standards. From day one.