Review and enhance your entire image catalog.

From day one, OCUS' suite of AI-powered tools conducts a comprehensive performance audit on your entire visual catalog, flagging, scoring, enhancing, and rescuing images as needed.

Step by Step

Audit your entire visual catalog. 
Without painstaking manual work.

Optimize your global image catalog effortlessly with OCUS technology, freeing up your team
for high-value tasks and manual reviews.

  • Scan

    Flag low-performing, off-brand visuals.

    Look back at your entire visual catalog and ‘flag’ low-performing, off-brand or images with various quality control issues.

  • Understand

    Get a visual performance score to assess.

    Get an instant visual performance score of every image for clarity on clicks, conversions and revenue performance.

  • Enhance

    Improve and rescue flagged images, automatically.

    Rescue flagged images and improve them instantly, or pass them on to team members for manual review.


Use AI as a first gatekeeper.

OCUS is designed to minimize liability and ensure your brand reputation is always protected.

Don't guess visual performance.

Get a real-time pulse on the visual performance of any, and every image. Instantly.

Rescue or tag images for manual review.

OCUS filters your visual catalog to keep unwanted images out. Customized to your brand standards.

Enterprise-grade reliability and security.

Our technology is infinitely scalable, designed to handle your current and future needs.

Automatic audit


Our technology constantly audits your visual catalog to ensure it is optimized to perform.

Reduce manual work

Reduce manual work

Use our technology to be your team’s first line of defense when it comes to moderation.

Use AI as your filter

Use AI as
your filter

Leverage AI as the first initial filter that allows images to ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ and alerts your team.

Eliminate siloed data

Eliminate siloed data

Say goodbye to confusing tools, apps and metrics to figure out visual performance.

Conversion rate correlation

Conversion rate correlation

Determine the link between visual performance and conversion-rate. Built directly into the score.

Automated A/B Testing

Automated A/B Testing

Automated A/B Testing

Automatic rescue


Ensure any off-brand image is automatically taken out of your public catalog and rescued.

Tagging for manual review

Tagging for manual review

If the image can’t be rescued automatically, your team receives a real-time alert for manual review.

Get more done. In less time

Get more done.
In less time

Empower your team to focus on high-value moderation issues while leveraging AI for mundane tasks.

Infinitely scalable


No matter the size of your visual catalog, OCUS can handle it.

Unlimited audits


There are never any limits to the number of images audited, flagged, or rescued.

Unmatched security

Unmatched security

Our platform integrates XX and XX for maximum safety, reliability and compliance.


Trusted by global enterprises

Uber Eats

“OCUS offers the best customer service, and tech utilization with their API integration and automated workflow.”

Uber Eats
Balaji Rajaramachandran

Sr Regional Operations Manager

Emma,New Verticals Director

“Wow these results are incredible! I just shared this with my team and they are also excited about the AI Router capabilities”


New Verticals Director, Doordash


“At the end of the pilot, 95% of [our agents] were happy with the retouching quality and the time it saved them. We really appreciated working with the OCUS team: they are competent, reactive, and problem-solving oriented.”


Product Manager, IAD International

Global Procurement Manager

“They have enabled us to scale photography operations for seven of our brands which led to a significant increase in both image coverage and conversion.”

Global Procurement Manager
Dunja Zivanovic

Global Procurement Manager


Enterprise-grade AI that integrates 
directly into your existing tech stack.

Instead of siloed tools that create extra work, OCUS minimizes disruption by integrating into your existing tech stack. Our API integrations are ready from day one. So you get more done, faster.

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AI-powered visual audits that 
make content moderation easy.

Explore how OCUS’ AI-powered technology audits and enhances your entire visual catalog. At scale.