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4 Strategies to Level Up Your Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is a cornerstone in defining a company's prowess and niche expertise. Visuals are paramount in sculpting a business’s brand identity, and crucial for web presence and social media engagement. Explore these 4 strategies to enhance your corporate imagery.

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Aug 11 2020

Corporate photography is essential to showcase a company, know-how, or particular expertise. Images play a big part in building a business’s brand image, whether for its website or social media.

How can you best meet a client’s corporate photography needs? Here are 4 tips to improve your corporate photography:

1. Showcase the office space with good framing

Corporate photography is all about showcasing a company’s workspace. Successful photos follow the main rules of real estate photography and interior design.

©Pierre Moreau/ OCUS France

Shoot angles from opposite angles to create a nice perspective and converging lines. However, if you are at the same level in a room, make sure to keep your verticals straight. A tripod is often necessary, especially since you will be shooting with the lowest ISO.

Whenever possible, shoot from an angle facing a window or outdoor space. An open perspective is always nicer. It breathes life into your photos and makes the workspace look healthy and pleasant. This makes it easier for people to picture themselves in that space.

©Pierre Moreau/ OCUS France

2. Avoid any obstructive or eye-catching elements

Remember to photograph all the spaces: communal areas, and open or closed offices. Communal areas in particular provide clues as to the quality of employee work-life. Capturing everyday life is always a bonus. A successful company is above all a team!

©Pierre Moreau/ OCUS France

Often, there will be items in these spaces that you cannot move, or that are not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Don’t try to include them in your frame. Make sure that they are out of shot when creating your frame. This will enable you to avoid any obstructive or unsightly items in your photos.

Avoid any eye-catching objects. Don’t put them in the foreground. Some decorative items (plants, frames, post-its, etc.) can sometimes distract from the main message you want to convey in your photo. Make sure that no details override the overall shot.

It is however worth showing items that are part of everyday life: a bike shelter, for example, sends positive signals and shows non-work related opportunities.

©Pierre Moreau/ OCUS France

3. Corporate photography: don’t try to describe the spaces

There is no need to provide a visual description of the office in corporate photography. The space is not for sale. The aim is to showcase it for professional purposes.

Avoid photographing anything that does not seem to promote or serve the company. Simplify the volumes and limit what appears in your frame, to not create an impression of disorder with too many details (a series of computers with wires showing, for example). Tidy desks, on the other hand, convey a sense of organization.

©Pierre Moreau/ OCUS France

4. Corporate photography: shoot action portraits

It is always a good idea to show the team working. This sends clients or prospective employees a reassuring message. Corporate photography therefore offers a view into a company’s inner workings.

©Pierre Moreau/ OCUS France

Finally, always think of your photos as a series. If you shoot your indoor photos in one style, and your action portraits in another, the result will be jarring.

Ask yourself: do I find these photos persuasive? Do they make me want to work for this company? Keep these questions in mind during the photoshoot and direct your energy to answering them positively. This will help you showcase the space and the team! 

August 11 2020
Written by Noelle Brophy

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