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Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Images With These Photo Enhancer Tools

Enhancing brand performance is a must-do for any business, and it turns out that imagery is the secret weapon to achieve it.

Sep 13 2023

Say Goodbye to Low-Quality Images With These Photo Enhancer Tools

With a whopping 30% increase in traffic, 2.5 times higher click-through rates, and a 10% boost in average order value, investing in high-quality images is a no-brainer. 

By streamlining photography workflows, businesses can reduce sales lead time by 30%, which translates to more revenue. The power of imagery is undeniable, and companies that capitalize on it will surely see significant results.

Let’s kick off today’s discussion by talking about how you can turn those low-resolution images into highly engaging and beautiful photographs. 

How to increase image quality?

You can utilize different methods and tools, such as software, online platforms, and image enhancement techniques, to enhance the overall quality of an image.

1. Image enhancement software

Image enhancement software, like Adobe Photoshop and VanceAI Image Enhancer, offers a variety of tools to improve photo quality. 

These applications can significantly improve your images without losing quality by leveraging AI image enhancers, noise reduction, and sharpening features.

2. Online platforms

Online platforms provide user-friendly solutions to enhance image quality without software installation. 

Advanced platforms can enhance photos with AI image enhancement, resolution upscaling, and saturation correction. With these solutions, you can achieve stunning results quickly, whether you're a professional or just improving personal photos.

3. AI-powered tools

AI-powered tools offer automatic upscaling, enhancement, and fixing of blurry or pixelated images. 

State-of-the-art AI algorithms empower these cutting-edge tools to preserve the original resolution of images while enhancing the overall detail and quality of their pixels.

Using these three methods or solutions, you can fix common image quality issues such as blurriness, overexposure, underexposure, improper framing, and obstructions.

Using OCUS

OCUS is a comprehensive solution for online photography that uses AI technology to provide brands with access to a worldwide network of professional photographers, automated workflows, and advanced business intelligence tools.

By leveraging AI technology, OCUS can improve image quality and accelerate image coverage in less time.

AI Image Enhancement

OCUS’s AI Router photo enhancer capabilities include automatic image enhancement, collage detection, framing detection, blurriness detection, background remover and color replacer. 

If you are tired of low-quality images from poor photo editing software, look no further. These image editing features work together to rectify issues such as blurry photos or over-saturation.

The AI Router also diligently scans images for notable properties, such as logos or human figures, alerting users to potential areas of concern. This tool can automatically vet the quality of user-generated content, edit thousands of photos in one click, and create a consistent look and feel for images.

API Integration

OCUS provides an API-friendly platform that allows users to streamline their photography workflow and automate the process of receiving high-quality images. 

Integrating the OCUS API enables users to receive images directly and go to market in record time. The API for imagery aims to create a single central nerve for online images, helping users track performance, management, and scalability.

Analytics and Insights

OCUS couples custom imagery with business intelligence and analytics to optimize visuals for higher consumer engagement and conversion levels. 

By analyzing the performance of images and applying the insights, users can further improve image quality and drive better results. For example, real estate businesses partnered with OCUS are seeing a 15% increase in offers on listings with custom photos.

Using PicWish

PicWish is an AI-powered photo editor offering a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools for enhancing image quality with mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

PicWish empowers you to enlarge images with an AI image upscaler. Seamlessly upscale images to 2x or 4x without quality loss. The software calculates and adjusts lines, colors, and tones, preserving the image's appearance. This makes the AI tool ideal for social media and graphic design.

The image quality enhancer features use AI technology to unblur and retouch portrait images, which helps to sharpen details and fix blurry faces. This solution can also breathe new life into old photos, making them visually appealing and preserving cherished memories.

PicWish's Images Convert to JPG offers a user-friendly solution for converting Webp, PNG, JPEG, and HEIC images into the versatile JPG format. As a widely compatible format, JPG provides smaller file sizes for rapid transfer and swift access, making it an ideal choice for various platforms and applications, including your eCommerce efforts. 

The Image Compressor tool allows you to compress images with a single click, reducing file size without sacrificing quality. Leveraging an AI compression algorithm, PicWish optimizes photo compression to strike the perfect balance between image quality and file size.

Using Fotor

Fotor is a versatile photo editor with a range of tools for editing, enhancing, and creating high-resolution images, designs, and collages, and also has an app for Android. 

Fotor's image resizer feature is user-friendly for resizing images to desired dimensions without compromising quality. Users can enlarge or reduce image sizes in seconds while maintaining integrity. Fotor's image size converter caters to diverse needs and applications by supporting various formats, including JPEG, JPG, and PNG.

As an AI photo enhancer, the solution includes an object remover tool to simplify the editing process, for example, cutting a blurry image from the background. Simply select the objects and let the AI technology analyze and remove them. The photo editing tool then seamlessly recreates the cleared areas using image inpainting techniques.

Next, the AI image upscaler increases image resolution in seconds. Ideal for portrait photos, anime pictures, logos, and digital art, simply upload an image to Fotor, and the AI will automatically upscale it up to 4x its original size while maintaining image quality.

Fotor’s PNG maker empowers you to effortlessly transforms JPG images into transparent PNGs while enhancing their quality. Simply upload a JPG, and Fotor will automatically remove the background, creating a transparent PNG in seconds. Download high-resolution files for free, and even convert multiple images simultaneously for convenience.

Say goodbye to low-quality images

With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to enhance the quality of images using various software and tools. 

By leveraging image enhancement software, online platforms, and AI-powered tools, you no longer have to deal with issues arising from low-resolution photos. Instead, you can benefit from your images' improved clarity, resolution, and overall appearance. 

And remember, OCUS offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing photographs through its AI-powered image editing machine, the AI Router, API integration, and analytics. These features will improve image quality, streamline your photography workflow, and optimize visuals for higher consumer engagement and conversion levels.

September 13 2023
Written by Steven Thomas

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